My name is Thijs, I am 20 years old and I come from the Netherlands. Ingame you can call me Mnyx. It's my overall name from Old RS when I started about 10 years ago.
Through this period I learned how to speak proper English, get in touch with several business and knowledge that played into the game.
After quitting Runescape because of the lacky updates, I started playing private servers. I've been a moderator, Helper and so and so.

I read the other applicants for more information like you mentioned that teamspeak is a requirement for communication. I got it ready for use.

I'd like to apply for this application because there are too much improvements in the EOC nowadays. I miss the old times and I want to re- live them as how I experienced them.
I also want to mention that I like to help people who are starting a brand new server. I had a server in development myself, but coding is not much likely for me.

If you guys have further questions, feel free and ask what you need to know!

Kind regards,